Quilts by Eagle Mountain Products

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I carry Hobbs batting exclusively. I do however use almost any quality product you wish if you want to provide something other than Hobbs.

I have Hobbs Batting on hand at all times. It is priced by the square inch so you don’t wind up with a lot of little pieces of batting that you can’t use and don’t want to throw away.

  • Hobbs 80/20 – 80% Cotton – 20% Polyester.  Lightly needle punched and resin bonded.  Can be quilted up to 4” apart.  Washable with shrinkage of 3-5%. 
                    $.003 PSI
  • Hobbs 6oz oz or 9 oz – 100% Polyester.  Made from small denier fiber and is resin bonded to resist fiber migration.  Can be quilted up to 4 -6” apart.   Non-allergenic.  Washable. No Shrinkage.
                    $.002 PSI
  • Poly Down Low Loft Batting – 100 % Polyester.  Made from denier fiber and is resin bonded to resist fiber migration.  Can be quilted up to 4 – 6” apart.  Non-allergenic,  washable and no shrinkage.
                    $.0025 PSI


We carry a small line of 108” backing, tone on tone.  Also, Moda basic bleached and unbleached muslin. I sell this by the yardage needed for your quilt.  If you don’t want the scraps I will trim it and sell by the square inch. 

Muslin 120” $19.95 per Yd (Bleached and Unbleached)
Muslin 108” $16.99 per Yd (Bleached and Unbleached)
Muslin 90" $12.00 per Yd (Bleached and Unbleached)
Designer Fabrics $16.99 per Yd Request a Sample Pack

If you want your back pieced instead of one solid piece, I charge $5.00 per seam.

All Backing is 100% Cotton.

Quilting Prices*

We have thousands of patterns on file, or we can reproduce a pattern for you if you have a favorite. These patterns change from time to time. We will do specialty quilting or overall quilting, whichever you request. For cost, see our pricing page.

Any number of circumstances can change the price of your quilting. Basically I charge $.02 per square inch cents for edge-to-edge overall quilting. Specialty quilting starts at $.03 cents per square inch and depending on the number of pattern changes used to obtain the desired results, the price can increase. Call for specific information.

I always have at least three (3) overall, edge-to-edge quilting patterns on sale for $.01 cent per square inch each.

These are the patterns that will change periodically.

I do not charge extra for thread, for without it, it’s not quilted!

I do not charge an extra fee for set-up.

Piecing Prices*

The cost of each quilt will be determined by complexity and piecing requirements and the fabric provided by the customer. Call for appointments.

* Prices are subject to change without notice.